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Medication management can force seniors into isolation because of how it causes addiction and depression. In turn, isolation can further advance the severity of depression and addiction.

Medication management can clearly take a heavy toll on the elderly, so the process needs to be streamlined and made easier to help minimize the stress and health effects from doing it. Taking medication is part of the daily routine of many people 65 years old and older. As a result, the elderly especially need to make this process as simple and concise as possible, making sure family members, doctors, pharmacists, and themselves are all on the same page.

There are also those who have 10 or more prescriptions they need to juggle at varying times. Some items that can be included on this list are:. This list can easily be formed and updated on a spreadsheet processor on your computer, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.

Medication administration errors for older people in long-term residential care

You should also create a schedule for when these medications need to be taken. Old-school pill boxes that have the day of the week, different times of the day, and a little space to fill with the prescription are nice, but they can be a little taxing to keep up with.

Elderly Medication Intake by the Numbers

Instead, write out a schedule with all your prescriptions, when you need to take them, and how much of them you need to take. This makes it much easier to follow with the eye, especially if all of your prescriptions are organized in their containers in a single location. You need to make sure you have this information available when talking to doctors and pharmacists. Medication can impact your:.


One of the worst things you can do when taking a lot of medications is adding more to the pile on your own. Over-the-counter medications can seem enticing, especially for those with not-so-great insurance and high prescription costs.

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Adding something like aspirin or ibuprofen to an already-existing concoction of prescription drugs can potentially cause harm to your internal organs and your overall health. To that point…. You should try your best to limit yourself to one pharmacist. Also, different medications may cost different prices at different pharmacies. Any pharmacist or pharmacist technician should ask you if you have any questions for the pharmacist when they hand you the prescription.

You may have other situationally specific questions you have to ask the pharmacist, too. In any case, ask them. Combining all your medications for the day into one pile may seem like a good idea, because it allows you to pop them all at once and be done with it. But you may need to take different prescriptions at different times of the day, and taking certain drugs in the morning could throw your body out of whack.

Organization is key when it comes to medication management. Medication management is far more advanced than it was in the middle of the 20th century, when many of the elderly people in America were born. Nearly every part of the process is so much easier, from simply being reminded to take the medication all the way down to when and how to take it.

You can also easily set alarms and then set alarms for those alarms to remind you to take your medication. They can also be connected to your phone or computer. This is all in the name of making the process of taking your medication safer, quicker, and easier. This service basically does all your management for you, because all you have to do is open the packages they send you and take the medication. It cuts out visits to the pharmacy and the process of sorting your medication.

Just send your prescriptions with their instructions to PillPack, and they will sort them into small packages that have dates and times on them. The pill portion of your medications aside from inhalers, ointments, and such is dispensed by a small device you can keep in the bathroom, and the non-pill medications can be placed right alongside it. This service can be a little expensive for some, but it pays off by streamlining the medication process.

To use the product, you simply speak into it, letting it know you need to set a reminder. You record the reminder in your voice, then tell the date and time you want the reminder to be played. An elderly person can record the message themselves, or a loved one can do it for them. The device also comes with a big digital clock, which can also help trigger remembering time-sensitive medication. Pillo helps organize your medication, but it also can give you information on the medication and act as a social companion for the elderly. Meda Cube can dispense up to day supplies of 16 different medications after you store them in various bins.

Each bin is then assigned a time that it needs to be taken.

Medication management in older adults.

If you have any other questions regarding medication management, from the medication itself to how you can better organize your medications, contact your doctor or other health professionals. Enjoy the peace of mind of having MobileHelp at your fingertips without wearing obvious medical alert gadgets with the MobileHelp Smart. Learn more about the MobileHelp Smart in our review.

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Improving posthospital medication management for chronically ill older adults

The aim of the Medicines Care Guides is to provide a quick medicine management reference tool for all care staff working in residential aged care in New Zealand. Guidance is provided for key medicine safety topics relevant to the care of older adults. This guidance is based on current legislation, best available evidence and published guidelines, and is consistent with the New Zealand medicines strategy, Actioning Medicine in New Zealand Associate Minister of Health and Minister of Health Skip to main content.

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Medication Management in Older Adults

Published online:. Summary The aim of the Medicines Care Guides is to provide a quick medicine management reference tool for all care staff working in residential aged care in New Zealand. Publishing information Date of publication: 02 June