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By the s, a significant number of machine translation engines which Brown et. al () proposed the use of statistical methods in Machine Translations. parse tree into a target-language string by applying stochastic operations . Once both finish, the uni-directional encoder layers start computing .

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Or if you can teach them a better, more profitable way of doing something. You get the drift. Oftentimes, when pooling for blog ideas, you could run into topics that are popularly discussed. Not only will this make it easier for you to write, it will also be more enticing to your readers. Basically, she says, a topic is general and can lead to lots of different titles and blog posts.

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A working title, on the other hand, is specific and will guide you to create one single blog post. ICYMI, plagiarism is a crime. Trust me when I say it will not only fail to get you where you want, it would also hurt your blog exponentially. Ranking back up after such heavy penalization could take months or more.

For example, you come by certain data and it just sticks to your head. Just to be sure, before submitting or publishing your work, run it through reliable plagiarism checking tools. When using direct quotes, never forget to clearly state the source and then link to it if possible. One of the biggest factors affecting how much traffic your website gets is how consistent you are at posting on your blog.

You have to set a posting routine that you and your readers can get used to. For example, you started out by publishing 3 to 5 posts every day for your first week. What you have to ensure next is that you publish the same number at approximately the same time every week from there forward. To overlook that fact and not promote your blog on social networking sites would be a huge misstep.

More than just getting people to read your content, the ultimate goal is to turn those visitors into subscribers and eventually into customers. Facebook still remains the most popular social network worldwide, however, Instagram is the one that is getting bigger the most from all. Research and explore opportunities to use that to your advantage. Keywords are an absolute necessity for on-page SEO.

Research on tools and techniques to find out what and how people are searching for online. Some of them even give you an insight as to what words and phrases your competitors are targeting to generate traffic. Next, use those keywords throughout your blog and content. Just make sure that you use them in a comfortable and natural manner though. At the same time, you also have to be careful with your tags.

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Mistakes when creating title tags are bad for SEO and adversely affect your rankings. When it comes to link building techniques , consistency is king. Overlooking internal links can have consequences that will backfire on your SEO rankings. Although backlinks still have the highest significance for search engine ranking, strategic internal linking can amplify their effect. Plus, they make it easier for you to get more attention on social media because of the easy-sharing factor. Nonetheless, images and videos that are not optimized do tend to slow down your page load speed.

Time, research and experience are the best teachers. Feeds generally are based on XML technology. FTP , or File Transfer Protocol , is rather predictably, a client-server protocol for transferring files. It is one way to download files, and the most common way to upload files to a server. You may need to use an FTP client to upload your WordPress files to your web server, particularly if you use a hosting provider.

That button inserts a shortcode into the post. WordPress replaces that shortcode with an exposition of all images attached to that post. Non-image file types are excluded from the gallery. The pretty URLs for attachments are made only after you have published the post and should be composed as the post permalink plus the attachment slug.

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A gravatar is a globally recognized avatar a graphic image or picture that represents a user. A hosting provider is a company or organization which provides, usually for a fee, infrastructure for making information accessible via the web.

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An IP address is a unique number e. Every web server is assigned an IP address as well, but often times hosting providers will assign multiple IP addresses to one computer, in the event that multiple web sites reside on the same physical server. Domain names were created to provide an easier means of accessing internet resources than IP addresses, which are cumbersome to type and difficult to remember. Every domain name has at least one corresponding IP address, but only a small number of IP addresses have a domain name associated with them, since only computers that are web servers require domain names.

Meta has several meanings, but generally means information about. In WordPress, meta usually refers to administrative type information. Meta Rules define the general protocol to follow in using the Codex. Also, many WordPress based sites offer a Meta section, usually found in the sidebar, with links to login or register at that site. Finally, Meta is a MediaWiki namespace that refers to administrative functions within Codex.

Many blogs make their content available in feed form for the convenience of readers using news aggregators. Open source is simply programming code that can be read, viewed, modified, and distributed, by anyone who desires.

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A good example of a Page is information you would place on an About Page. A Page should not be confused with the time-oriented objects called posts. A permalink is a URL at which a resource or article will be permanently stored. Many pages driven by Content Management Systems contain excerpts of content which is frequently rotated, making linking to bits of information within them a game of chance. Permalinks allow users to bookmark full articles at a URL they know will never change, and will always present the same content.

Permalinks are optional in WordPress, but are highly recommended as they greatly increase the cleanliness of URL. Typically, Ping is used to diagnose a network connection problem. Pingback lets you notify the author of an article if you link to his article article on a blog, of course. If the links you include in an article you write on a blog lead to a blog which is pingback-enabled, then the author of that blog gets a notification in the form of a pingback that you linked to his article.

A Plugin is a group of php functions that can extend the functionality present in a standard WordPress weblog. These functions may all be defined in one php file, or maybe spread among more than one file. The WordPress source code contains hooks that can be used by plugins. An RSS feed can contain a summary of content or the full text, and makes it easier for people to keep up to date with sites they like in an automated manner much like e-mail.

The content of the feed can be read by using software called an RSS or Feed reader. Feed readers display hyperlinks, and include other metadata information about information that helps you decide whether they want to read more, follow a link, or move on. The original intent of RSS is to make information come to you via the feed reader instead of you going out to look for it via the Web. The sidebar , sometimes called the menu, is a narrow vertical column often jam-packed with lots of information about a website.

Found on most WordPress sites, the sidebar is usually placed on the right or left-hand side of the web page, though in some cases, a site will feature two sidebars, one on each side of the main content where your posts are found. A sidebar is also referred to as a Theme Template file and is typically called sidebar.

A slug is a few words that describe a post or a page. Slugs are usually a URL friendly version of the post title which has been automatically generated by WordPress , but a slug can be anything you like. Slugs are meant to be used with permalinks as they help describe what the content at the URL is. Once upon a time, SPAM was an animal by-product that came in a can and was fodder for many Monty Python sketches, but since the world-wide adoption of the internet as an integral part of daily life, Spam has become synonymous with what is wrong with the internet.

Spam, in general terms, is an email or other forms of unsolicited advertising. Spam is very easy to spread throughout the internet, and works on the principle that if you send out thousands, or hundreds of thousands of unsolicited advertisements, scams, or other questionable methods of making money, that you only need a very small percentage of people to be fooled and you will make lots of money. Spammers use various methods to distribute their electronic junk mail, and employ bots, or computer programs to quickly and easily send email or comments to millions of addresses and IPs all over the world.

WordPress developers and community members are constantly working on more and better ways to combat these annoying spammers as they clog the internet with their garbage. You can help by offering your talents, ideas, suggestions, or just by being vigilant and installing any of the currently-available spam combating tools. A tag is a keyword which describes all or part of a Post.

Think of it like a Category, but smaller in scope. A post may have several tags, many of which relate to it only peripherally. Like Categories, Tags are usually linked to a page which shows all posts having the same tag. Unlike Categories, Tags can be created on-the-fly, by simply typing them into the tag field. This allows for a sort of total perspective on the blog, allowing people to see the sort of things your blog is about most.

A tagline is a catchy phrase that describes the character or the attributes of the blog in a brief, concise manner. Think of it as the slogan, or catchline for a weblog. A theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface with an underlying unifying design for a weblog. A theme modifies the way the weblog is displayed, without modifying the underlying software.

Essentially, the WordPress theme system is a way to skin your weblog. This improves the chances of the other author sitting up and noticing that you gave him credit for something, or that you improved upon something he wrote, or something similar. With pingback and trackback, blogs are interconnected. Think of them as the equivalents of acknowledgements and references at the end of an academic paper, or a chapter in a textbook.

A web server is a computer containing software for, and connected to infrastructure for, hosting , or serving, web sites written in HTML. The most common web server software on the internet is Apache, which is frequently used in conjunction with PHP, Perl, and other scripting languages.

XML is extremely useful in describing, sharing, and transmitting data across the Internet. Giant Blogging Terms Glossary. Wonderful items from you, man. I have have in mind your stuff previous to and you are simply extremely great. You make it entertaining and you still care for to stay it smart. Your email address will not be published.