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For instance, we can provide marketing insight and strategies, captivate targeted audiences with powerful videos and photography, and keep your sales pipeline full of the right kind of prospects. We can also deliver a wide array of purposeful products like same and next day design and printing services. Getting that new logo you sketched on a napkin to final, usable artwork got you stymied? We do corporate branding from start to finish — as much or as little as you need. A brief brainstorm session with our award winning team is all it takes to start the creative process.

If one photo can have a serious impact, think what moving images can do! With a bit of your time combined with our talent, we can create a persuasive masterpiece together. Though a website is at the heart of a marketing campaign, it still needs to be found in the wide, wide world of the internet. GOOD content creation produces informative material that caters to the interests of a target audience. Easily create an effective direct marketing campaign using our custom created postcard design.

Meet the Team. Meet Michael Reiland. Full Service Printing. Custom Booklet Printing. Business card printing. Graphic Design Services.

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Video Production. Professional Photography. Web Design. Digital Marketing. Content Creation. I've been busy setting up design, print and production of record labels for vinyl pressing factories in Bedfordshire. Including the creation of layout grids, templates, artwork for press and software training. I am interested in designing sleeves and labels for artists and labels in and around the area. I brought a bunch of British charm and wholesome family fun to the new BBQ dining concept at Butlins.

By copywriting a customer facing introduction and giving each section of the menu loads of personality - I crafted an experience with real choice that's easy to navigate. I paired each dish with a tipple using super-simplistic and cool-coloured icons based on bottle label designs. A mysterious, magical and masonic inspired identity for the new 'modern magician'. Celebrating the craft and skill of sleight of hand with a strong duotone visual identity.

I created a hand-crafted logo, website theme, copywriting, art direction, photo-retouching, exhibition stand, and custom playing cards that double as giveaway calling cards - everything a magician needs to trick. I created a set of awareness posters for national food theme week events. A high impact typographic approach entitled 'let's celebrate' for consistency, but also having lots of unique personality for each week. I also laid out menus and designed many other pieces of signage along the customer journey.

I sealed a colourful 56 page pocket book with other freebies inside an emergency foil ration pack. My colourful illustrative and typographic approach engaged with students in a creative, conversational way. I created a hot rod and race equip. A cheerful and disposable printed piece to advertise a summer of live low brow pinstriping and auto art.

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Inspired by plastered punk posters, makin' mistakes and hipster daddy O's, it captures the loose, artistic and fun qualities of accessible art. Being inducted into the Butlins brand allowed me to create a compelling story to support their diner and design everything including wall graphics, menus, burgers flags, napkins and much more. Using a young and eclectic urban street art style to convey the feeling of a busy, cultural outdoor festival. I put emphasis on bustling streets with lots going on, movement and big colourful circles to mark the spot.

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As part of my day-to-day duties I cook up exciting seasonal food promotions for my clients, this is just a small sample from Inspired by Sherlock Holmes, if you like mystery and facial hair then why not read 'the case of the missing beard' here. I created awareness materials for print and screen to promote Headliners Food Festival - featuring new and exciting street food 'acts' every week.

Music festival styling to appeal to younger customers on campus. The Intestinal Gastrofont is a disgusting 2 weight hand drawn font inspired by naughty colons. Great for horrible halloween nasties and quirky medicinal or dietary posters. Simply type out your headline in 'GUTS! Full' and then copy ontop 'GUTS! Hungry' for that great layered comic book look! Identity and styling for Alternate Sound System and their new rig for hire. The new identity must work as a regular club night promotion but also as a sound system rental business. Facebook and printed banner for Bedford VDubs car club.

Inspired by 70's and 80's gasser dragsters, painted sign writing and lots of metalflake! Branding brief for a 'hot to go' Asian noodle soup pot concept. Brand name conception and indicative styling for all point of sale and marketing promotions. The name 'Ori' is a shortening of oriental, in order to encompass a wide range of foods of Eastern origin. The logo mimics oriental glyph brush strokes in a clean, uber modern zen style.

The Graphic Designer's and Illustrator's Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion

Print poster, flyer, entry form, drop box and online web banners, facebook campaign. Radical menu re-design for Loch Fyne seafood restaurants. Brief: To communicate Loch Fyne's passion for seafood. I simplified the menu content on crisp white stock and added a 'guide to fish' section to help with ordering and demonstrate Loch Fyne's knowledge and passion for seafood.

Graphic Designer's and Illustrator's Guide to Marketing and Self-Promotion

Just make sure your client wants you to. Communicate with your client so you know what they want and guide them toward the best way to serve their audience. Make your client look good with a style that suits them. No one needs me to add to the pile. However, when done through design, the design will ultimately carry a part of the designers personality.

Yes, but I think we do best when we including freelancers think of ourselves as a group versus an individual. We need to know how to pull in the skills necessary when they are needed. What you are seeing on ideabook. A great example Will, thanks. And even though I am on the client end, I also need to give back to my corporation what it needs for its purposes and audiences; not what I like or feel like doing. Over the decades I have had many, many challenges working with design folk. For one thing, knowing when and how you can approach them because they are so temperamental and can be ultra-sensitive about their work.

Thanks for this Pat.

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It really is easy to lose track of how the client sees this. They want a product, not a battle of wills. I fear some students are learning more about how to be artists than they are about being art directors. I do my very best not to have an opinion but instead provide the design that best satisfies the flavor and specification the client requires. As for my struggle with originality, it is still a struggle and I expect that will likely continue. Maybe that is a good thing as we continue to question ourselves and our creative talent.

It will keep us humble I suppose. Among other attributes a good designer must be a great marketer, a exceptional researcher, a competent project manager, a knowledgeable administrator, smart about money, cognoscente of the world view, sensitive to the situation, and bold enough to take risks. Oh, yeah…and you need to be creative. My point is, creativity is a given, its the fun part.

View a subject from enough angles and eventually you will find a great solution. My skills at all the other aspects of the job are what allows me the time necessary to find the solution. Sometimes I am successful at it, sometimes not. Almost alway, I have a wonderful time trying and I think my clients are well served. In the end I count my blessings that I am able to do this type of work.

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I think the key to being a good graphic designer, or even simply an adequate one, is to be a good listener. To really understand what a client wants. I love when a project pushes me outside of my comfort zone to create something that is totally new and different, and I have been lucky to have a few of those projects.

Artist Self Promotion - Marketing Yourself as an Artist Online in 2019 - (GROW CRAZY FAST!!)

They add a lot to my portfolio, not to mention my confidence as a creator. I just want to be clear about what I am saying. It sounds as though you might be limiting yourself to what you alone can author. I propose that we think of ourselves more as directors and less as actors. You may have two killer illustration styles and ten powerful layout paradigms—good, use them. But if you restrict yourself to what you alone can produce, you drastically limit your potential. One thing that ensures I will not grow and expand my knowledge of design is if I stay within the confines of what I currently understand and am comfortable with.

I would choose a Designer from their portfolio and pick one whose style was appropriate for my audience. If I was retaining a Designer, or requesting new work from someone with whom I had worked before, I would bear in mind their ability to create new work in a new style, if that was what I needed. I had a choice of a few in-house Designers and would pick the one who had completed work closest to the brief.

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Lazy but time-efficient. Due to the fact that, these days, it is frightfully easy to hop from service to service, I would assume that it is harder and harder for a Designer to retain clients. I would remain loyal to a Designer, but for other reasons than self-expression. We should never lose sight of the need to qualify every client and every project. What is the objective? The problem is… the end user rarely knows what cutting edge design is all about. I certainly echo the remarks that it is all about the client.

And measuring the results. But not untypical with a small business person. Second, knowing your intended market is also essential. Our students write profiles about other demographic groups—different from their own. And finally knowing what the competition is up to is also helpful. Is there any creativity in here? And sometimes it does work better.

But you need to follow the rules before you ignore them. This approach helps manage their expectations. There are so many talented young artists out there that lack this very important piece of business knowledge. He thinks that the wealthy artists make their art to make money. From experience I know that authentic art becomes famous and that Koons, Warhol and the like did art because they had fun making art…Anyway the same kid tried to use commercial illustrators as an example, saying that many commercial art pieces became famous sought after works.

I make commercial art to pay the bills. My fine art is great fun creating sometimes controversial dialog that is to MY liking. This gets right to the point of the article.