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The Political Development of the Kurds in Iran: Pastoral Nationalism

Samenvatting This book looks at Kurdish Nationalism in Iran and examines the links between the structural changes in the Kurdish economy and its political demands. Farideh Koohi-Kamali argues that the transition of the nomadic, tribal society of Kurdistan to an agrarian village society was the beginning of a process by which Kurds saw themselves as a community of homogenous ethnic identity.

The political movements of Kurds in Iran are discussed to illustrate that the different phases of economic development of Kurdish society played a great role in determining the way in which Kurds expressed their political demands for independence. Recensie s 'This is first-rate, up to date analysis of an increasingly important topic. Its insights into the Kurdish problem in Iran will provide valuable information to both scholars and practitioners. It greatly increases our understanding of how and why the question of ethnicity has become so important in the region.

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Her fine book deserves to be very widely read indeed. In private, he spoke about the horrors of the Iraqi regime, yet publicly he was obliged to be discreet. Nonetheless, he openly criticized the chemical bombings of the Kurds by the Iraqi regime in an interview with an Arab magazine Hassanzadeh, in Prunhuber, p.

Political vision. This included putting an end to polygamy among party members and integrating women into the party ranks. He worked to put an end to the in-fighting among the Kurds. His plan was pragmatic; he would consent to a federal union if the rest of the minorities wanted it. But he remained adamant about local autonomy. During his ten years of leadership in the Kurdish movement following the Iranian revolution, he mainly resorted to peaceful dialogue and was mindful of the fact that the Kurdish problem in Iran cannot be exclusively resolved through military actions Institut Kurde de Paris, pp.

Therefore, he thought that the time was ripe for sitting down and negotiating Gueyras, Le Monde , 6 June ; McDowall, p. Murder in Vienna. The matter is clear.

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Three months later, in November , the Austrian public prosecutor issued arrest warrants for the three men. The release of the only witnesses angered the Austrian public and media. David A. My Encounters with Kurdistan, New York, Archie Roosevelt, Jr.

Ferment and Fetters in the Study of Kurdish Nationalism, Amir Hassanpor

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The Emergence of Iranian Nationalism: Race and the Politics of Dislocation

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Pastoral Nationalism

Designs and patterns are outlined on the floor in chalk or coloured powder, and then embellished with a variety of naturally coloured rice, sand, flour and flower petals.