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They have taken it as a model for the Canterbury, Tales both in form and in the use of literary discourse for cultural analysis. Most broadly, their work registers the shift of critical interest to modernity'.

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Because its reassessment of the whole relationship results in an illuminating refinement of Chaucerian modernity, Robert Edwards's Chaucer and Boccaccio is a welcome contribution to this debate. Asserting literary tradition as the best context for understanding Chaucer, Edwards argues for the centrality of Boccaccio's narratives of antiquity and modernity.

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Invention, the standard medieval technique of composition and a critical engagement with literary precursors, prompts both poetic revision and critical cultural analysis. Chaucer's invention of According to the prevailing view, Chaucer, like most medieval historiographers, thought Athens, Troy, and Rome were memorials to all that human reason and virtue could achieve. Each city, however, fell; as Edwards says, without imaginative supplementation that explained their fate, how could later kings legitimate their rule by proclaiming themselves heirs to these civilizations?

Especially in PAGE Boccaccio thereby proved himself both a poet of war, a subject Dante had said still lacked its singer in the vernacular, and a poet of virtue, the subject he had given the highest palms in the De vulgari eloquentia.

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Chaucer, however, dropped the account of the war. Love likewise is at once an irresistible force and a matter of consent. If Thebes and Troy were the locales Chaucer chose to ponder the compromised nobility of heroes trammeled in history and by desire, the women in the Legend enabled him to critique courtly ideologies by dismantling patriarchal, imperial institutions of the past. The Canterbury Tales Cliffs Notes. James L. Cliffs Notes, Chaucer's Pilgrims: The Allegory.

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