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Countries rely on the use of medical devices to achieve universal health coverage, respond to health emergencies, and keep populations safe. In resolution WHA The WHO list of priority medical devices for cancer management describes the medical devices that are required to manage cancer, based on the list of clinical interventions selected from clinical guidelines on prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, palliative care, monitoring and end of life care.

This publication addresses medical devices that can be used for management of cancer and specifically describes medical devices for six types of cancer: breast, cervical, colorectal, leukemia, lung and prostate. Present the status of development of health technology programmes dedicated to medical devices in Member States. Based on information taken from the Baseline Country Survey on medical devices that started on January and was updated on , and later on minor yearly updates.


Nominate an official health technology focal point in the country ministry who is in charge of coordinating the reply to the country questionnaire. WHO Global Model Regulatory Framework for medical devices including in vitro diagnostic medical devices is intended to provide guidance to WHO Member States that have yet to develop and implement regulatory controls relating to continuing to improve their regulatory frameworks.

In this book, part of the Medical device technical series, WHO presents the different roles the biomedical engineer can have in the life cycle of a medical device, from conception to use. It is recognized that medical devices are becoming ever more indispensable in health-care provision and among the key specialists responsible for their design, development, regulation, evaluation and training in their use — are biomedical engineers.

The commission has made 10 recommendations to increase access to 13 essential, overlooked commodities in four categories reproductive health, maternal health, newborn health, and child health. WHO is fully responsible for recommendations 4 and 5 and participates in others as needed.

Technological Innovation: Comparing Development of Drugs, Devices, and Procedures in Medicine.

The Medical Devices unit is specifically looking at strengthening the quality and improving the regulatory efficiency of three specific types of medical devices: the female, neonatal resuscitation equipment mask, valve and bag , and for injectable antibiotics. Medical devices are essential for safe and effective prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illness and disease.

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The achievement of health-related development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals upon proper manufacturing, regulation, planning, assessment, acquisition, management and use of medical devices which are of good quality, safe and compatible with the settings in which they are used. This film highlights the importance of medical devices to and reviews the challenges and way forward for improving access to medical devices.


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Customised Piezoceramics for Medical Technology. Frankfurt Laser Company.

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Piezo Drives in Implantable Medical Devices. Piezo Actuators and Elements for Metering and Pumping Microdiaphragm pumps need compact drives which can provide a constant flow, as well as variable Company A-Z More. Ionisos Medical Device Sterilisation. Micronova Sterilisation Solutions for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

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